Hi, Let’s Brew.

Nice to meet you. I’m Ben. I’ve been brewing for just under two years now, albeit with a nine-month hiatus when I fucked off to Vietnam to run a third-wave coffee house with my girlfriend.

In that time I’ve racked up more than 20 brew sessions, transitioned from all-extract to partial mash and then to all-grain, and generally learned a lot about brewing. I still have so very much to learn, though.

This site will serve as a repository for my experiences, mostly for my own use, but maybe someone else will get something out of it along the way.

I tend not to brew the same thing twice, and I have a fondness for weird ideas. If you want something along the lines of Brewing Classic Styles, this is not your place. But if you want to have some fun and aren’t afraid to fail, you might enjoy what I’m brewing.